Release Notes

19.12.19 (2019 December 19)

  • WindowsImageOSD is now complete. The renames align more with existing Cmdlets

    • Dismount-WindowsImageOSD

      • New Function

      • The major different with Dismount-WindowsImage is when a Path is not specified, all mounted Windows Images are addressed, so you can easily dismount everything

    • Edit-WindowsImageOSD

      • New Function

      • CleanupImage parameter supports Analyze, Cleanup, CleanupResetBase (Offline only)

      • GridRemoveAppx parameter displays a GridView to easily select Appx Packages from all User Profiles (Online only)

      • GridRemoveAppxPP parameter displays a GridView to easily select Appx Provisioned Packages for Removal (Online and Offline)

      • RemoveAppx parameter removes Appx Packages by string match to PackageName (Online only)

      • RemoveAppxPP parameter removes Appx Provisioned Packages by string match to PackageName (Online and Offline)

      • Path parameter is optional and if omitted, options will be applied to all Mounted Windows Images

  • Mount-WindowsImageOSD

    • Rename of Mount-OSDWindowsImage. Old name has been aliased

  • Update-WindowsImageOSD

    • Rename of Update-OSDWindowsImage. Old name has been aliased

  • Get-SessionsXml

    • Rename of Get-OSDSessions. Old name has been aliased

19.12.9 (2019 December 9)

  • Initialize-DiskOSD

    • New function

    • Automatically initializes RAW Disks with proper GPT or MBR Partition Style

  • Get-OSDDriver

    • DellModel updated to remove empty objects

19.12.6 (2019 December 6)

  • Get-OSDDriver

    • New Function

    • Returns download links for a selected Driver Groups

      • AmdDisplay

      • DellFamily - Provided as a convenience, but really you should be using DellModel Drivers

      • DellModel

      • HpModel

      • IntelDisplay

      • IntelWireless

      • NvidiaDisplay

  • Get-OSDDriverWmiQ

    • New Function

    • Returns a Computer Model WMI Query that can be used in Task Sequences

  • Save-OSDDownload

    • Created SourceUrl parameter alias DriverUrl to easily work with Get-OSDDriver

  • Update-OSDWindowsImage

    • Added more detailed Get-Help information relating to the Update parameter

    • Modified Warning Messages

19.11.22 (2019 November 22)

OSDWindowsImage is released

19.11.20 (2019 November 20)

  • Get-OSD

    • Added Update-OSDWindowsImage information

  • Get-OSDSessions

    • Added pipeline support

    • Path parameter now supports a mounted Windows Image or a specified Sessions.xml

    • Added Verbose Path information

  • Get-RegKeyWinCurVer

    • Added pipeline support

    • Added Verbose Path information

  • Update-OSDWindowsImage

    • Added Comment Based Help