Windows Setup Environment

To open a Command Prompt in WinSE, hold down SHIFT + F10

When you boot a computer using Windows 10 Media, you are booting to the Windows Setup Environment. I refer to this as WinSE (yes, just like WinPE and WinRE). WinSE exists as Index 2 of the Boot.wim

PowerShell and OSD Module

Through the Magic of Offline Servicing, I can add PowerShell to WinSE (OSDBuilder helps) and start doing some fun stuff. Using the magic of OSDBuilder ExtraFiles, I decided to add the OSD Module to WinSE so I can have some fun. Here is where you need to save the OSD Module


ExecutionPolicy Restricted

Unfortunately WinSE's PowerShell Execution Policy doesn't help me out because this prevents the loading of PowerShell Modules. I'll detail in the next page how to take care of this

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