David Segura @SeguraOSD

Before you start playing around with this, make sure you update the OSD Module to 19.11.22 or newer and that you have the OSDSUS Module installed and updated ...

  • I can't just specify a WIM
  • I have to specify an Index
  • My Path (Mount Directory) needs to exist

For starters, all you need to provide is a WIM (Position 0). There is no need to specify an Index as Index 1 is assumed if one is not provided.

The WIM is mounted to a Random directory in $env:TEMP. This directory is automatically created

And finally, the Explorer parameter will automatically open Windows Explorer to the Mount Path

Yes Boys and Girls, this is quite a treat. Simply run the function without any Parameters. If you have a Mounted Windows Image, it will find it ... and let you know if it needs any updates

Ok, did I just mount three WIMS in a single command line? Ok, now I'm just showing off ... but as you can see, Update-OSDWindowsImage will find all three and give me an update

If you thought that was it ... yes you can use this in the Pipeline

  • Check (Default)
  • All
  • SSU
  • LCU
  • DotNet
  • DotNetCU

Mount-OSDWindowsImage T:\WimOS\install.wim | Update-OSDWindowsImage -Update All | Dismount-WindowsImage -Save

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