OSD 21.2.22+

This function is intended to run from WinPE and is ideally used to clear all Local Disks returned by Get-LocalDisk. I use this to clear all Local Disks (OS and DATA) before an OS Deployment

Getting Started

I strongly recommend running it without any parameters. By default, the following information is presented

  1. -Verbose is enabled

  2. Detected UEFI and PartitionStyle are displayed

  3. Get-Help Clear-LocalDisk

  4. Get-LocalDisk | Format-Table is displayed


When the -Force parameter is used, things are a little different

Clear-LocalDisk -Force
  1. Get-LocalDisk | Format-Table is displayed

  2. Confirm for each LocalDisk

  3. Get-LocalDisk | Format-Table is updated and displayed

    1. PartitionStyle = RAW

    2. NumberofPartitions = 0

-Force -Confirm:$false

This leaves no room for error as there are no confirmation prompts

Clear-LocalDisk -Force -Confirm:$false


Adding this parameter will initialize the Disk in either GPT or MBR. If the system is UEFI, then GPT is automatically enabled


Using this parameter you can override the automatic selection of the PartitionStyle. In this example, a UEFI with GPT would have been automatically selected, but specifying -PartitionStyle MBR overrode that

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