OSDPad is a PowerShell GUI containing a TextBox and a Run button. This allows you to write a PowerShell script and execute it in a new PowerShell Window. By itself, this is not entirely useful at all, and it is certainly not considered an "Editor" since there is no syntax highlighting ... but that's not the main goal of OSDPad ... so keep reading


To run OSDPad, simply use either of the following commands


If you receive an error when running either command, update the OSD Module in your OS and WinPE to or newer

Like I mentioned earlier, not the most useful in Windows, but in WinPE it fills a gap where PowerShell ISE isn't an option

GitHub Integration

Where OSDPad shines is its ability to pull PowerShell script from GitHub, as simple as 1-2-3

With this, I can pull any public GitHub Repo containing PowerShell scripts into OSDPad using either of the following commands

OSDPad OSDeploy OSDHelp OSDCloudDeploy
Get-OSDPad -RepoOwner OSDeploy -RepoName OSDHelp -RepoFolder OSDCloudDeploy

And here is how things look in WinPE. I'm able to review, edit, and run whatever I need.

Workflow Improvement

I develop and test on multiple devices (physical and virtual), and in WinPE, OOBE, and full Windows. OSDPad has removed my need for mapping a Network Drive or plugging in a USB to get PowerShell scripts that I'm working on. This has led to an incredible amount of time savings and increased my productivity

Dumb IT

I've mentioned before about how I believe that Supes that automate too much, while increasing productivity, also end up 'dumbing down' down support staff. For example, I doubt any of my support staff can run Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo manually as they are well versed in AutopilotOOBE

The great thing about OSDPad is it brings the PowerShell Script that is needed to solve a problem front and center where it can be seen, reviewed, edited, and executed. This gives an opportunity to learn and understand the solution

Instant GUI

Having an instant GUI available without having to actually make a GUI makes things easier to get released. In the screenshot below, I have all my OOBE scripts ready for me to test ... and I can work on a GUI when I have time


Finally, OSDPad makes it easy to collaborate and share your PowerShell scripts with the Community. I'll be using this during my next Teams meeting or Presentation to easily make my scripts available to share


So you're not so keen on the default look and color? Change it up

Don't want to show your script to your support staff? Hide it.

Whatever you do, have fun with it!

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