UEFI System Firmware Update


OSD Module

Make sure that your OSD Module is at least version Once you have that, you can use Get-MyBiosVersion to check your current BIOS version

Installing Firmware Drivers will require Admin Rights, and make sure you have your Bitlocker Keys backed up and that you suspend Bitlocker before any updates

UEFI Firmware Update Platform

Before going any further, its important to understand what the Windows Firmware update platform is. Enjoy the read and come back when you are up to speed

Device Manager

Taking the information from the Microsoft Windows UEFI firmware update platform link, you can see that (on Windows 10) the System Firmware is in Device Manager. Digging into the Details provides a value for the Firmware Resource ID

You can get this information from PowerShell using Get-CimInstance

Or use two new OSD Functions to provide this information

Microsoft Update Catalog

Finally you can take the System Firmware Resource (Guid) and run a search in Microsoft Update Catalog and you should be able to find the matching UEFI Firmware Updates for your system. Just select the newest one and download the CAB

MSCatalog Module

You can also query the Microsoft Update Catalog directly with the MSCatalog PowerShell Module written by Ryan Kowalewski

Get and Save SystemFirmwareUpdate

To make things easier for you, these two OSD Functions will help speed things along. Get-SystemFirmwareUpdate will return the newest UEFI System Firmware for your device and Save-SystemFirmwareUpdate will download the Update and expand the package


Installation is quite simple. Simply right click on the firmware.inf and Install

Remember about suspending Bitlocker first!

Next Steps

Look for this to be added to OSDCloud soon after some more testing

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