New-OSDDisk (Information)

So here's a cool OSD Function ... if you happen to have PowerShell added to WinSE, and the OSD Module, you can easily partition your drive ... the right way

You'll start by holding down left Shift + F10 to open a Command Prompt, then enter PowerShell. Once PowerShell is started, you can use New-OSDDisk without any parameters for Information Mode

No Existing Partitions

If things look correct, you can just add the Force parameter

Now you need to confirm that the Drive will be cleaned. Just press Enter to accept the default of Y

Now its time to make the new Partitions. You have the option of entering the Disk Number, or just pressing X to quit the script. Type 0 and press Enter

And that's it. Here is what Windows Setup looks like now

In GIF Action

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