Release Notes

#Update the OSD Module to the latest version
Install-Module OSD -Force

21.7.21 (2021 July 21)

  • Save-WebFile - Resolved issue where URL's with spaces would not download the content. This impacted Dell Driver Packs

  • OSDCloud - Resolved issue where some Retail ESD's did not contain 'Home Single Language' so an Index bias was implemented by counting the Indexes to determine if one was missing. This was confirmed in Windows 10 21H1 Retail de-de and impacted Education and Pro editions

21.7.20 (2021 July 20)

21.7.18 (2021 July 18) OSDCloud Any PC ...

... that has drivers in Microsoft Update Catalog

Save-SystemFirmwareUpdate (OSDCloud)

This is the function used to download the Firmware from Microsoft Update Catalog. This will be added as a Driver to the offline Windows Image and should installed during the next reboot if necessary. This is handled automatically (no parameter necessary). Its important to note that Firmware Updates from Microsoft may be 1 version behind (1-3 months) the latest available from the Manufacturer

Save-MsUpCatDriver (OSDCloud)

There are two different execution methods in OSDCloud. If a Driver Pack for Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Microsoft Surface is found, then Save-MsUpCatDriver will download and apply Drivers for the Network Adapters only. If no Driver Pack is found (non-Enterprise devices), then drivers for All Devices are downloaded and applied to the offline Windows Image

In my testing, this is not always perfect, but having 3 devices out of about a hundred isn't bad. Finally, the Drivers that were installed were not always the latest. Enabling drivers in Windows Update when you get Windows 10 or /11 installed should solve all of that

At this time, I have ZERO plans to pull BIOS / Firmware updates from the Vendors (Dell, HP, Lenovo) as this led to quite a bit of complication

Save-MsUpCatDriver (Testing)

In Windows, you can test Save-MsUpCatDriver to see how this works, just make sure to leave off the DestinationDirectory parameter so it won't actually perform the download. This took 20 seconds on my computer in my testing (and 1m40s with the download enabled)

21.7.12 (2021 July 2)

Tweaks to the secret function that I'm not ready to talk about yet

21.7.11 (2021 July 11)


21.7.2 (2021 July 2)


Add-WindowsPackageSSU is a new function that will take a combined LCU (CAB or MSU) and extract and install the SSU. This can be used Online or applied to a mounted WIM

21.3.22 - 21.6.22 (OSDCloud Development)

21.3.9 (2021 March 9) Patch Tuesday

Some minor tweaks for OSDCloud ... more information coming soon

21.3.8 (2021 March 8)


21.3.4 (2021 March 4)


21.2.10 (2021 February 10)


21.2.9 (2021 February 9)

  • Copy-PSModileToWim -new function

  • Copy-PSModuleToWindowsImage - new function

  • Get-MyWindowsCapability

    • Added Disable WSUS Parameter

    • Resolved issues with Like and Match filtering

  • Get-MyWindowsPackage

    • Resolved issues with Like and Match filtering


21.2.8 (2021 February 8)



21.2.3 (2021 February 3)

  • Get-ComObjects

    • List of (mostly all) of the system ComObjects

  • Get-ComObjMicrosoftUpdateAutoUpdate

    • (New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.Update.AutoUpdate).Settings

  • Get-ComObjMicrosoftUpdateInstaller

    • New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.Update.Installer

  • Get-ComObjMicrosoftUpdateServiceManager

    • (New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.Update.ServiceManager).Services

  • Get-MyComputerManufacturer

    • Returns the Computer Manufacturer

  • Get-MyComputerModel

    • Returns the Computer Model

  • Get-MyBiosSerialNumber

    • Returns the Computer Serial Number

  • Get-MyDefaultAUService

    • Returns the default AutoUpdate repo, thanks Ben Whitmore!

21.2.2 (2021 February 2)

10 new functions and 1 renamed function

  • Get-CIMVideoControllerResolution

    • Returns the CIM_VideoControllerResolution Properties for the Primary Screen

  • Get-DisplayAllScreens

    • Returns [System.Windows.Forms.Screen]::AllScreens

  • Get-DisplayPrimaryBitmapSize

    • Calulates the Bitmap Screen Size (PrimaryMonitorSize x ScreenScaling)

  • Get-DisplayPrimaryMonitorSize

    • Returns [System.Windows.Forms.SystemInformation]::PrimaryMonitorSize

  • Get-DisplayPrimaryScaling

    • Returns the Primary Screen Scaling in Percent

  • Get-DisplayVirtualScreen

    • Returns [System.Windows.Forms.SystemInformation]::VirtualScreen

  • Set-DisRes

    • Sets the Primary Display Screen Resolution

  • Copy-ModuleToFolder

    • Remamed from Copy-Module as PowerShellGet had a hidden function with the same name

    • Copies a PowerShell Module to a specified Destination

  • Get-ScreenPNG

    • Takes a screeshot

  • Set-ClipboardScreenshot

    • Sets a Screenshot of the Primary Screen on the Clipboard

      • Use Save-ClipboardImage to save the PNG

  • Save-ClipboardImage

    • Saves the Clipboard Image as a file

    • PNG extension is recommended

21.2.1 (2021 February 1)

Two new functions were added to make it easier to set the PowerShell Execution Policy for a WIM or a mounted Windows Image

  • Set-WIMExecutionPolicy

  • Set-WindowsImageExecutionPolicy


21.1.31 (2021 January 31)

  • Copy-Module

    • Removed the WinPE option as that was all wrong

  • Get-VidConRes

    • This is for testing only right now

21.1.30 (2021 January 30)


21.1.29 (2021 January 29)

  • Backup-DiskToFFU

    • Create a full Disk Image in WinPE

  • Get-DiskIsBoot

    • Gets the Disk containing the BOOT partition

  • Get-DiskIsSystem

    • Gets the Disk containing the SYSTEM partition

  • Get-DiskToBackup

    • Gets Disks that can be backed up

    • USB Drives are excluded

    • Boot Drives are excluded

  • Get-EZComputerManufacturer

    • Returns a simple Computer Manufacturer

    • Names are standardized (i.e. Dell Inc. returns as Dell)

  • Get-EZComputerModel

    • Returns a Computer Model

    • No more hunting for Lenovo hide and seek games

  • Get-EZComputerSerialNumber

    • Returns the Computer Serial Number

21.1.28 (2021 January 28)

Backup-ToFFU Preview

20.8.19 (2020 August 19)

Updated OSDDrivers for Nvidia and AMD

20.2.26 (2020 February 26)

Modified OSDDrivers for Nvidia and AMD

19.12.19 (2019 December 19)

  • WindowsImageOSD is now complete. The renames align more with existing Cmdlets

    • Dismount-WindowsImageOSD

      • New Function

      • The major different with Dismount-WindowsImage is when a Path is not specified, all mounted Windows Images are addressed, so you can easily dismount everything

    • Edit-WindowsImageOSD

      • New Function

      • CleanupImage parameter supports Analyze, Cleanup, CleanupResetBase (Offline only)

      • GridRemoveAppx parameter displays a GridView to easily select Appx Packages from all User Profiles (Online only)

      • GridRemoveAppxPP parameter displays a GridView to easily select Appx Provisioned Packages for Removal (Online and Offline)

      • RemoveAppx parameter removes Appx Packages by string match to PackageName (Online only)

      • RemoveAppxPP parameter removes Appx Provisioned Packages by string match to PackageName (Online and Offline)

      • Path parameter is optional and if omitted, options will be applied to all Mounted Windows Images

  • Mount-WindowsImageOSD

    • Rename of Mount-OSDWindowsImage. Old name has been aliased

  • Update-WindowsImageOSD

    • Rename of Update-OSDWindowsImage. Old name has been aliased

  • Get-SessionsXml

    • Rename of Get-OSDSessions. Old name has been aliased

19.12.9 (2019 December 9)

  • Initialize-DiskOSD

    • New function

    • Automatically initializes RAW Disks with proper GPT or MBR Partition Style

  • Get-OSDDriver

    • DellModel updated to remove empty objects

19.12.6 (2019 December 6)

  • Get-OSDDriver

    • New Function

    • Returns download links for a selected Driver Groups

      • AmdDisplay

      • DellFamily - Provided as a convenience, but really you should be using DellModel Drivers

      • DellModel

      • HpModel

      • IntelDisplay

      • IntelWireless

      • NvidiaDisplay

  • Get-OSDDriverWmiQ

    • New Function

    • Returns a Computer Model WMI Query that can be used in Task Sequences

  • Save-OSDDownload

    • Created SourceUrl parameter alias DriverUrl to easily work with Get-OSDDriver

  • Update-OSDWindowsImage

    • Added more detailed Get-Help information relating to the Update parameter

    • Modified Warning Messages

19.11.22 (2019 November 22)

OSDWindowsImage is released


19.11.20 (2019 November 20)

  • Get-OSD

    • Added Update-OSDWindowsImage information

  • Get-OSDSessions

    • Added pipeline support

    • Path parameter now supports a mounted Windows Image or a specified Sessions.xml

    • Added Verbose Path information

  • Get-RegKeyWinCurVer

    • Added pipeline support

    • Added Verbose Path information

  • Update-OSDWindowsImage

    • Added Comment Based Help

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